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Dalgliesh: A Certain Justice

Episode 1
Originally aired April 15, 1999

The brilliant defense attorney Venetia Aldridge (Penny Downie) once again proves her genius when she successfully defends a menacing young man -- Gary Ashe (Ricci Harnett) -- in a salacious murder case. Soon after, to her horror, she discovers that her daughter Octavia (Flora Montgomery) has fallen in love with -- and plans to marry -- the exonerated Ashe. When Aldridge is found stabbed to death in her office, Commander Adam Dalgliesh (Roy Marsden) is called in to investigate -- and finds that the grisly arrangement of the body suggests an inside job.

Episode 2
Originally aired April 22, 1999

Commander Dalgliesh (Roy Marsden) and Detective Inspector Kate Miskin (Sarah Winman) discover that nearly every one of Venetia Aldridge's (Penny Downie) colleagues had a reason for wanting her dead. As Venetia's daughter Octavia (Flora Montgomery) continues her chancy relationship with Gary Ashe (Ricci Harnett), the investigation becomes focused on the firm's cleaning woman, Mrs. Carpenter (Britta Smith) -- who reveals a unexpected connection to Ashe.

Episode 3
Originally aired April 29, 1999

As Dalgliesh (Roy Marsden) and Inspector Miskin (Sarah Winman) continue to probe Venetia Aldridge's (Penny Downie) past, a complex web of interconnections begins to emerge, with some rooted in a long-buried secret about the murdered attorney's father. Several startling new developments -- including a pair of murders -- lead to a final showdown that is as brutal as it is surprising.

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