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Dalgliesh: Death in Holy Orders

Dalgliesh: Death in Holy Orders
Premiere October 3 & 10, 2004
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Martin Shaw stars as the sterling, sensitive Detective Inspector Adam Dalgliesh in P. D. James's latest "murder-in-the-establishment" drama, Death in Holy Orders. Dalgliesh returns St Anselm's, the theological college where he spent the happy summers of his youth, which is now the setting for a series of frenzied murders. When one of the young ordinands dies under suspicious circumstances, his industrialist father is convinced that the college authorities have glossed over the truth to avoid a scandal. No sooner has Dalgliesh scratched the surface than another murder is committed, seemingly without motive. St Anselm's is no longer the innocent hideaway it once was. Dalgliesh soon has a major murder inquiry on his hands. As the death count rises, the truth seems further away than ever.

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