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Dalgliesh: Original Sin

Cast and Production Credits

Principal Cast

Commander Adam Dalgliesh: Roy Marsden
Gabriel Dauntsey: Ian Bannen
Gerard Etienne: James Wilby
Claudia Etienne: Cathryn Harrison
Frances Peverell: Amanda Root
Esme Carling: Sylvia Syms
Kate Miskin: Lizzie McInnerny
Daniel Aron: Tim Dutton

Production Credits

Executive Producers: Simon Lewis (Anglia Television Entertainment) and Rebecca Eaton (WGBH)
Producer: Andrew Benson
Director: Andrew Grieve

Original Sin is a coproduction of Anglia Television Entertainment and WGBH Boston and is based on the bestselling novel by P. D. James. Original Sin is produced by Andrew Benson and directed by Andrew Grieve. Executive producers are Simon Lewis (Anglia) and Rebecca Eaton (WGBH). Original Sin is presented on MYSTERY! by WGBH Boston.

Funding for MYSTERY! is provided by public television viewers. MYSTERY! is closed captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers by The Caption Center at WGBH Boston. Narrated descriptions of MYSTERY! programs are provided by Descriptive Video Service® (DVS®), a national service of WGBH.

Original Sin is presented on MYSTERY! by WGBH Boston, where Rebecca Eaton is executive producer, and Diana Rigg is series host.

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