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Touching Evil, Series Three
Touching Evil Series Three
Airing September 2 + 9, 2002, at 9pm and September 16, 2002, at 9 and 10pm
Originally aired: Thursdays, January 18 through February 8, 2000 at 9pm
(Check local listings.)

Touching Evil Series Three tracks the adventures of the tight-knit team of London's Organized and Serial Crime Unit. Fighting deranged criminals and their own post-traumatic stress are Dave Creegan (Robson Green), Susan Taylor (Nicola Walker), Mark Rivers (Shaun Dingwall), and new recruit Martin Simmons (Andrew Scarborough). This season finds them trailing a serial killer who removes the hearts from his targets and a murderer who immolates each victim in a purifying bonfire. Chasing these maniacs is dangerous work in which someone is liable to get hurt -- and does.

The series is based on characters created by Paul Abbott.

Touching Evil, Series Two

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