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Into the Blue
Photo of John Thaw
Into the Blue

Originally aired in fall 1997
Encore presentation Thursday, July 29, 1999 at 9pm
(Check local listings.)

Harry Barnett (John Thaw, Inspector Morse), a failed businessman-turned-groundskeeper living on the Greek island of Rhodes, reluctantly turns detective when Heather Mallender (Abigail Cruttenden), a young Englishwoman with whom he has a one-night stand, suddenly vanishes "into the blue" -- and Harry is targeted as the prime suspect in her disappearance. Just when it seems life can't get any worse -- it does. Uprooted from his peaceful life, Harry traces Heather back to London, chasing his innocence across a sea of political scandal, blackmail, and murder. Into the Blue is based on the novel by Robert Goddard.

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