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The Life and Crimes of William Palmer

Cast and Production Credits

photo of William Palmer and wife Principal Cast

William Palmer: Keith Allen
Captain Hatton: Paul Arlington
George Bates: Dan Armour
Dr. Bamford: Freddie Jones
Auctioneer: Peter Lorenzelli
Mr. Devonshire: Christopher Lucas
Thomas Palmer: Ben Miles
William Vernon Stephens: Stephen Moore
Smith (Hangman): Michael Murphy
Eliza Tharm: Chloe Newsome
Lord Chief Justice Campbell: Ralph Nossek
Mrs. Bradshaw: Eileen O'Brien
Prison Chaplain: John Owens
Clerk of the Court: Anthony Schaeffer
Masters: Peter Schofield
Jim the Post Boy: Tim Stern
Foreman of the Jury: Michael Wardle
Mr. Pratt: James Warrior
Dr. Taylor: Thomas Wheatley
Annie Palmer: Jayne Ashbourne
Major Fulford: Michael Atkinson
Samuel Cheshire: Dominic Borrelli
Attorney General: Paul Brooke
George Palmer: Christian Burgess
Mrs. Palmer: Judy Cornwell
John Parsons Cook: Richard Coyle
Charles Newton: Ben Crompton
George Myatt: Stacy Davies
Walter Palmer: Matthew Devitt
Mr. Atkinson: Glyn Dilley
Sir William Shee: Michael Elwyn
Sarah Palmer: Charlotte Emmerson
Elizabeth: Daryl Fishwick

Production Credits

Executive Producer/WGBH: Rebecca Eaton
Producer: David Reynolds
Director: Alan Dossor
Writer: Glenn Chandler

The Life and Crimes of William Palmer is a co-production of Yorkshire Television and WGBH Boston and is presented on MYSTERY! by WGBH Boston. Funding for MYSTERY! is provided by Travelers and public television viewers. MYSTERY! is closed-captioned for deaf and hard of hearing viewers by The Caption Center at WGBH Boston. Narrated descriptions of MYSTERY! programs are provided by Descriptive Video Service® (DVS®), a national service of WGBH.

Executive Producer for MYSTERY! is Rebecca Eaton; Diana Rigg is host.

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