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photo of John Thaw

Inspector Morse, Series 10
Inspector Morse, Series 10
Originally aired: Jan 30 - Feb 20, 1997

MYSTERY! presents two choice Morse cases. In The Way Through the Woods, Chief Inspector Morse (John Thaw) is troubled by a confession that's a bit too neat. Steven Parnell (Gary Powell), the Lovers Lane Killer confessed to having killed two young couples as well as a young woman, alone, on a day-trip to Oxford. Case closed? The woman's body was never found. And Morse is convinced the evidence just doesn't add up: Why would Parnell suddenly change his modus operandi?

In Deadly Slumber, Avril Steppings suffered permanent brain damage following a minor surgical procedure that went very, very wrong. The tragedy devastated her devoted father, reclusive millionaire-bookmaker Michael Stepings (Brian Cox). When Avril's surgeon, Dr. Matthew Brewster (Richard Owens), is found dead, Morse (John Thaw) believes revenge for a botched operation seems a powerful motive for murder -- assuming Dr. Brewster's death is ruled an unnatural one.

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