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The Remorseful Day:
The Inspector Morse Finale

Cast and Production Credits

Chief Inspector Morse: John Thaw
Sergeant Lewis: Kevin Whately
Chief Superintendent Strange: James Grout
Yvonne Harrison: Meg Davies
Harry Repp: Eddie Webber
Sandra Harrison: Anna Wilson-Jones
Frank Harrison: Paul Freeman
Paddy Flynn: James Benson
Dr. Laura Hobson: Clare Holman
Sir Lionel Phelps: T. P. McKenna
Debbie Repp: Helen Pearson
John Barron: Jesse Birdsall
Roy Holmes: Aidan J. David
Simon Harrison: Simon Hepworth
Mrs. Bayley: Barbara Lott
Mrs. Holmes: Annette Ekblom
Linda Barron: Sharon Maiden
Josie Flynn: Alisa Bosschaert
Choir Master: Barrington Pheloung

Production Credits

Producer: Chris Burt
Executive Producers: Ted Childs (Carlton), Rebecca Eaton (WGBH Boston), John Thaw (Amberlodge Ltd.)
Director: Jack Gold
Editor: Jamie McCoan
Director of Photography: Chris O'Dell, B.S.C.
Production Design: Robin Tarsnane
Costume Design: Alison Munro
Composer: Barrington Pheloung
Screenplay: Stephen Churchett
Based on the novel by Colin Dexter

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