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The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries:
Speedy Death

The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries: Speedy Death
Originally aired Thursday, November 11, 2000.
Encore presentation May 10 through 31, 2001.
(Check local listings.)

MYSTERY! host Diana Rigg stars as the deliciously glamorous divorcée detective Mrs. Adela Bradley in this new series of stylish whodunits set in 1920s England. Along with her devoted confidant-chauffeur George Moody (Neil Dudgeon), Rigg's Mrs. B uses her prodigious charm, wit, and powers of deduction to dissect motives, mysteries, and murder. Speedy Death is the 90-minute pilot for future Mrs. Bradley Mysteries, slated to premiere on MYSTERY! in the series' 2000-2001 season.

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