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The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries, Series 2

The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries, Series 2
Sundays, July 13-August 3, 2003, at 9pm ET
(Check local listings.)

Stylish, sexy, and very "tongue-in-chic," Mrs. Adela Bradley (Diana Rigg) and chauffeur-sidekick George Moody (Neil Dudgeon) crack cases at Mrs. B.'s old school, the circus, a haunted house, and the seaside resort where George's daughter is to marry a promising hotel clerk. Mrs. B. investigates with aplomb and frequent asides. At a performance of The Mikado, she complains: "Gilbert and Sullivan, I wish they'd never met." On a woman's change of hairstyle, she cautions: "Same old coiffure, husband secure. New style of hair, husband beware!"

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