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Oliver's Travels
Oliver's Travels

Originally aired in fall 1996
Encore presentation Thursdays, August 19 through September 9, 1999
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When Oliver (Alan Bates, King of Hearts; Georgie Girl; The Fixer) -- an enigmatic professor of comparative religion -- is laid off by his university, he resolves to put the farewell gift of matching suitcases to good use with a visit to Aristotle, a famous compiler of crossword puzzles Oliver has long admired. When Oliver discovers that Aristotle's home has been ransacked and Aristotle is nowhere to be found, he joins forces with police detective Diane Priest (Sinead Cusack, Stealing Beauty; Waterland) and together they set off on a cross-country quest. Along the way, the two stumble on shady characters and clues, mysterious murders, long-kept secrets -- and unexpected romance.

Oliver's Travels premiered on PBS as part of MYSTERY!'s Fall 1996 lineup.

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