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The Sculptress
The Sculptress

Originally aired in fall 1997
Encore presentations Thursdays, June 3 and 10, 1999
(Check local listings.)

Rosalind Lee (Caroline Goodall, Schindler's List), is persuaded by her publisher to return to the writing life . . . and this time her subject is murder. The facts of the case are simple: Olive Martin (Pauline Quirke) pleaded guilty to killing and carving up her sister and her mother, earning her the chilling nickname, "The Sculptress." Ignoring warnings that Olive is a compulsive liar, Rosalind is drawn into a strange relationship of manipulation and mutual trust. Despite Olive's protestations of guilt, Rosalind becomes convinced that Olive is hiding something -- perhaps even her innocence.

Minette Walters, whose work has often been compared to that of P. D. James and Ruth Rendell, won the 1994 Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Novel -- one of the detective fiction genre's highest accolades -- for The Sculptress.

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