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Second Sight

Episode 1
Originally aired Thursday, September 30, 1999 at 9PM
(Check local listings.)

Maverick detective Ross Tanner (Clive Owen) is called in to investigate the brutal murder of nineteen-year-old Matthew Bendrix (Tom Mullion), a college student found beaten to death just yards from his family home. Tanner is also forced to accept as his partner on the case Detective Inspector Catherine Tully (Claire Skinner), a young officer with a spotty past -- and the terrifying news that his recent bouts with blurred vision are symptomatic of a much more serious condition: He's losing his sight.

Episode 2
Originally aired Thursday, October 7, 1999 at 9PM
(Check local listings.)

That something is not right in the Bendrix household is clear: Why would a dying Matthew (Tom Mullion) crawl away from his family home, rather than toward it for help? Tanner (Clive Owen) and company comb a list of suspects that includes Bendrix's doting mother, Judith (Phoebe Nicholls); wealthy stepfather, Adam (Stuart Wilson); Adam's twin brother Jack Kenworthy (Wilson); and Tracy Villiers (Louise Atkins), the family's nanny, with whom Matthew was having an affair.

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