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Second Sight

photo of Helen Baxendale
Second Sight
Originally aired September 30 and October 7, 1999.
Encore presentation March 22 through May 3, 2001.
(Check local listings.)

This taut psychological thriller from Paula Milne (The Politician's Wife) introduces Ross Tanner (Clive Owen), a rugged police detective who lives for the thrill of the chase -- while desperate to conceal a terrifying secret: He's going blind. Claire Skinner co-stars as Detective Inspector Catherine Tully, drafted into Tanner's crime unit as his partner in the investigation of the apparently motiveless murder of college student Matthew Bendrix (Tom Mullion) -- and, later, into Tanner's elaborate charade to camouflage his condition. Together, they make a dynamic pair -- both on and off the clock -- and discover there is more to murder than meets the eye. New cases featuring Detective Chief Inspector Tanner are planned for future seasons on MYSTERY!

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