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An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

Episode Descriptions

Series 1
Originally aired June 1, 8 and 15, 2000

Cordelia's first case proves to be more complex -- and more dangerous -- than it initially appeared. She persuades the friends of a suicide to tell her everything they know about the night he died, and turns up twist upon twist before the shocking dénouement.

A Last Embrace
Originally aired June 22 and 29, 2000

Cordelia goes undercover for her second investigation (A Last Embrace) -- retained by a wronged wife to expose her husband's infidelities. But Cordelia quickly discovers that her target is more sinned against than sinner. Increasingly attracted to her mark, Cordelia is ready to drop the case. But not before a series of startling revelations leads her to a final, emotionally charged confrontation-- a last embrace with a murderer.

Series 2
Living on Risk
Originally aired July 6 and 13, 2000

A caller who identifies himself only as "Foster" hires her to follow a mystery man arriving in London by train, claiming that he is planning to kidnap Foster's nephew. Edith is dead set against Cordelia taking the job, not only because of her physical condition, but because she knows so little about the client or the case -- and her wariness proves to be well-founded. While Mrs. Sparshott trails the young man as he races away from an apartment they have staked out, only to lose him, Cordelia enters the flat, finds the body of Dave Crawford (James Hillier), a young artist -- and realizes that her agency has been used to lead a killer to his mark.

Warned off pursuing the case by the very man who hired her and the Yard's frosty investigating officer, D.I. Richards (Gwyneth Strong), Cordelia is all the more determined to flush out the truth -- with or without a client to foot the bill. The trail leads to Crawford's ex-girlfriend, Cheyney Williams (Ginny Holder); her new lover and the deceased's hotheaded former boss, Simon Wright (Silas Carson); and finally to Lee Shotton (Steve John Shepherd) -- the young man she'd been hired to follow -- who is not the fugitive he appears to be. An extremely valuable stolen painting and a forgery operation gone bad are at the heart of the matter, leading to a tense conclusion that puts Shotton's sister and nephew, as well as Cordelia herself, at risk.

Playing God
Originally aired July 20 and 27, 2000

Cordelia reluctantly accepts a job from her old adversary, Scotland Yard's Chief Superintendent Ian Fergusson (Struan Rodger; The Madness of King George, Four Weddings and a Funeral), who hires her to shadow Tim Bolton (Gerard Butler; The Cherry Orchard), his daughter's doctor-boyfriend. Cordelia quickly discovers that Fergusson's suspicions about the good doctor are on target, for Bolton appears to have stolen Laura Fergusson's (Flora Montgomery; A Certain Justice, Wuthering Heights) heart and her money: Ten thousand pounds have gone missing. And to make matters worse, he seems to be engaged in an affair with Caroline (Catherine Russell; Chandler & Co.), the wife of his medical partner Dr. Stephen Childs (Jack Ellis; Prime Suspect).

When Bolton is found stabbed to death, Fergusson pressures Cordelia to drop the case -- only to have Laura ask her help in determining what Bolton was really up to. Cordelia wonders if Fergusson is the murderer, and becomes increasingly suspicious when her investigation is blocked by the police at every turn. The case takes on new urgency when an anonymous informant, clearly linked to the department, begins to provide her with clues that lead her to blow the lid off an international baby-brokerage operation that Drs. Bolton and Childs were operating --and to damning new information about Fergusson.

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