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An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

photo of Helen Baxendale Living on Risk

With her detective agency struggling financially, and a baby on the way, Cordelia Gray (Helen Baxendale) welcomes a deceptively straightforward surveillance job -- despite the misgivings of the indefatigable Mrs. Sparshott (Annette Crosbie) -- which puts her on the trail of a missing painting, and puts both Cordelia and a young boy at risk.

Episode 1
Originally aired Thursday, July 6, 2000.

With her agency foundering, Cordelia hastily takes on what seems to be a simple surveillance case: A caller who identifies himself only as "Foster" hires her to follow a young man he claims plans to kidnap the caller's nephew. An easy morning's work -- until Cordelia loses her quarry and finds in his flat the body of a stranger. Feeling humiliated and used, and warned off pursuing the case by the very man who hired her, Cordelia is all the more determined to flush out the truth -- with or without a client to foot the bill.

Episode 2
Originally aired Thursday, July 13, 2000.

With Edith's (Annette Crosbie) help, Cordelia (Helen Baxendale) learns the murdered man is Dave Crawford (James Hillier), a young artist -- and the flat he died in was rented out to the man she'd been hired to follow, Lee Shotton (Steve John Shepherd). Cordelia's quarry now has a name -- and she and Foster each race to find him, and a priceless stolen painting, first. The trail leads to Crawford's ex-girlfriend; his hotheaded former boss; and, finally, back to Shotton -- who, as it happens, is trailing Cordelia.

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