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An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

photo of Helen Baxendale Playing God

In a desperate effort to keep her agency afloat, Cordelia (Helen Baxendale) accepts a job offered her by nemesis and Scotland Yard Chief Superintendent Fergusson (Struan Rodger) and finds herself chasing down a ring of baby brokers -- and a killer.

Episode 1
Originally aired Thursday, July 20, 2000.

Cordelia's (Helen Baxendale) latest case comes her way from an unexpected source. Scotland Yard's Superintendent Ian Fergusson (Struan Rodger) asks her to investigate his daughter's boyfriend, Tim Bolton (Gerard Butler), a young doctor who has stolen Laura's (Flora Montgomery) heart -- and may be after her money, too. All too quickly, Cordelia realizes that Fergusson's suspicions about the man are correct. The ink is barely dry on her report when the good doctor turns up stabbed to death in his car.

Episode 2
Originally aired Thursday, July 27, 2000.

Superintendent Fergusson (Struan Rodger) asks Cordelia to end her investigation into Bolton's (Gerard Butler) death -- only to have daughter Laura (Flora Montgomery) hire her to find out what her ex-doctor-boyfriend was really up to. Cordelia finds herself pursuing a case in which all roads lead back to Fergusson. Increasingly suspicious at finding herself blocked at every turn by the police, she welcomes an anonymous tip which puts the Superintendent even more firmly in the frame.

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