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An Unsuitable Job
for a Woman

photo of Helen Baxendale Sacrifice

Cordelia Gray (Helen Baxendale) unexpectedly inherits the private detective agency where she works when her boss, Bernie Pryde (Jeff Nuttall), commits suicide. Her first solo case, a college student's suicide, seems uncomplicated at first. But Gray soon discovers that the case is more complex -- and dangerous -- than it first appeared. Her investigation leads to the deceased's friends, his scientist-father (Ian McDiarmid), and, finally, to the truth about his family -- and his death.

Episode 1
Originally aired Thursday, June 1, 2000.

Cordelia Gray (Helen Baxendale) inherits a run-down detective agency when her ex-policeman boss and mentor, Bernie Pryde (Jeff Nuttall), commits suicide. The young P.I.'s first solo case is to investigate another suicide -- that of Cambridge University student Mark Callender. Mark was found hanged in the summer cottage where he lived, having abruptly dropped out of school -- and his father, eminent research scientist Ronald Callender (Ian McDiarmid), hires Cordelia to find out why Mark chose to take his own life. Gray is ably assisted by Mrs. Sparshott (Annette Crosbie), Bernie's office manager -- and her new right hand.

Episode 2
Originally aired Thursday, June 8, 2000.

Cordelia's (Helen Baxendale) inquiries into Mark Callender's suicide are increasingly unwelcome: someone is trying to scare her off. As she becomes immersed in the mystery, she learns that Mark's father (Ian McDiarmid) stood to benefit from his death.

Episode 3
Originally aired Thursday, June 15, 2000.

Cordelia (Helen Baxendale) persuades Mark Callender's friends Hugo (Andrew Clover) and Isabelle (Saskia Mulder) to tell her everything they know about the night Mark died. As the story unravels, there is still one more shocking twist that even Cordelia had not foreseen.

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