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Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, Series 3

Episode Descriptions

All Stitched Up
Originally aired Thursday, March 30, 2000, at 9 p.m.

When a teenage pyromaniac terrorizes a neighborhood, the police are helpless as frightened victims refuse to testify against him. Enter Hetty (Patricia Routledge), posing as the Irish sister-in-law of one of the residents. Her plan: infiltrate the local sewing circle and get the lowdown on Lenny (Darren Tighe) the firebug and his gang.

Daughter of the Regiment
Originally aired Thursday, April 6, 2000, at 9p.m.

A military wife hires Hetty (Patricia Routledge) when a mysterious photographer starts stalking the woman's daughter and her fiancé. Tipped that an Australian is involved, Hetty and Geoffrey (Dominic Monaghan) go undercover as "Aussies." They track down the mastermind and learn more than their client wants to know.

Serving the Community
Originally aired Thursday, April 20, 2000, at 9p.m.

Called to investigate a string of robberies targeting Indian restaurant owners, Hetty (Patricia Routledge) herself is mugged! The plot thickens when Robert (Derek Benfield) is the unwitting receiver of stolen goods. As Hetty delves deeper into the activities of the masked bandits, Geoffrey (Dominic Monaghan), sporting a stunning new hair-do, rides shotgun for her protection.

Originally aired April 20, 2000, at 9p.m.

The episode opens with a minor fender-bender involving two women. One lets the other have it in the chops, then zips off in her red Alfa Romeo. The battered victim, Janet Fraser (Suzanne Maddock), asks Hetty to track down the attacker and demand an apology and compensation. Geoffrey's creative legwork takes him to a local garage, where he finds the red Alfa and the only witness, a marathoner who can't stand still. The perpetrator turns out to be Lillemor Pickering (Vivien Heilbron), wife of an influential business leader who just bought the city's soccer franchise. Hers is a sad story that threatens to spiral tragically out of control.

Originally aired May 4, 2000, at 9p.m.

Hetty goes out of town to visit in-laws, only to discover that her young nephew, Tom (Joe Roberts), has just been expelled from school for drug possession. To Hetty, it's an obvious frame up and she enlists Geoffrey to infiltrate the suspicious gang led by a schoolyard bully called "Bomber" (Mark Aspin). On his way to the assignment, Geoffrey has an entirely innocent tryst in the back seat of a VW bug.

Pursuit by Proxy
Originally aired May 11, 2001, at 9p.m.

Hetty is on the trail of bankrupt furniture store owner Ray Lever (Anthony Audenshaw). To judge from Lever's high-living ex-wife, Sandra (Felicity Mills), he has been milking the firm dry. One outraged creditor is particularly keen on tracking him down. While Hetty and Geoffrey are on the manhunt, Robert is off in Australia on a free ticket from his brother Frank (Frank Mills), who hates flying. That means Frank is hanging out at the agency, and not being altogether helpful.

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