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Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, Series 3

Hetty Rights Society's Wrongs on MYSTERY!

To get anywhere as an altruistic busybody these days, you have to be a private eye -- which is why Hetty Wainthropp has her own detective agency.

Patricia Routledge (Keeping Up Appearances) returns to MYSTERY! as the Lancashire lady with an irrepressible interest in people and their problems.

Hetty's doting hubby and cook, Robert (Derek Benfield), backs her up, along with her teenage sidekick, Geoffrey Shawcross (Dominic Monaghan).

The new series sees Geoffrey promoted to full partner in the Wainthropp Detective Agency, quite an advancement for an ex-shoplifter. The winsome Watson also learns how to drive -- sort of -- and catches the eye of comely auto mechanic Janet Fraser (Suzanne Maddock).

Such distractions aside, Hetty and company have their hands full from case one, All Stitched Up, which pits her against a Satanist gang of pyromaniacs who are terrorizing a local neighborhood. Led by Lenny (Darren Tighe), the hoodlums enjoy abducting good kids for a joy ride to their next bonfire, usually someone's house or car.

A case for the police? Unfortunately they can do little since the victims are too terrified to finger the culprits, which is why Detective Chief Inspector Adams (John Graham Davies) asks Hetty to go undercover and break the wall of silence. Her target for penetration: the local sewing circle, obviously a gold mine of gossip.

Hetty's next case, Daughter of the Regiment, involves her in the mystery of paparazzo-style photographer Jake Vincent (Joe Caffrey) stalking the daughter of a prominent military family: Caroline Langley (Emily Hamilton) is about to be married and her mother, Dawn (Mel Martin), hires Hetty to find out who the shutterbug is.

When Hetty confronts the photographer and presents her private investigator's credentials, he presents his! It develops that he was retained by Doug Arkwright (Jonathan Coy), who has a personal interest in the coming wedding. Hetty's assignment evolves from sleuthing to counseling, and it takes all her good sense to set things right.

Case three, Serving the Community, finds Hetty called to investigate a string of robberies targeting Indian restaurant owners, Hetty (Patricia Routledge) herself is mugged! The plot thickens when Robert (Derek Benfield) is the unwitting receiver of stolen goods.

Fisticuffs rides a crime wave against owners of Indian restaurants. When Hetty gets involved, the masked bandits target her! Alarmed by his wife's dangerous assignment, Robert instructs Geoffrey to "ride shotgun" for her protection. Meanwhile, Robert picks up a few culinary tips from the victimized restaurateurs, and he also inadvertently picks up a lot of stolen merchandise being fenced by the robbers. This lucky break proves the crucial clue in the case.

In case five, Childsplay, Hetty goes out of town to visit in-laws, only to discover that her young nephew, Tom (Joe Roberts), has just been expelled from school for drug possession. To Hetty, it's an obvious frame up and she enlists Geoffrey to infiltrate the suspicious gang led by a schoolyard bully called "Bomber" (Mark Aspin).On his way to the assignment Geoffrey has an entirely innocent tryst with car nut Janet in the back seat of a VW bug.

The closing case of series 3, Pursuit By Proxy, finds Hetty on the trail of bankrupt furniture store owner Ray Lever (Anthony Audenshaw). To judge from Lever's high-living ex-wife, Sandra (Felicity Mills), he has been milking the firm dry. One outraged creditor is particularly keen on tracking him down -- too keen. While Hetty and Geoffrey are on the manhunt, Robert is off in Australia thanks to a free ticket won by his brother Frank (Frank Mills), who hates flying. But that means Frank is hanging out at the Wainthropp Detective Agency, and not being altogether helpful.

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