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Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, Series 4

Hetty Solves Six on MYSTERY!

Got a problem that's "far too subtle and complex for the police," as one frantic client puts it? Hetty's your gal.

Hetty's caseload heats up on MYSTERY! with six new episodes of Hetty Wainthropp Investigates.

Patricia Routledge (Keeping Up Appearances) stars as the 60-something private eye with uncommon good sense and a common touch.

Also back are Derek Benfield as Hetty's devoted husband, Robert; Dominic Monaghan (Monsignor Renard) as her trusty teenage sidekick, Geoffrey Shawcross; and Suzanne Maddock as Geoffrey's fiercely independent girlfriend-mechanic, Janet Fraser.

Series 4 finds things at Wainthropp Detective Agency starting to mesh like the gears of one of Janet's expert transmission jobs. Geoffrey, once a petty thief until he was taken under Hetty's wing, is now a full partner. Robert is branching out from business manager to take on undercover assignments. Even Janet is getting a taste of the detective life.

This season's adventures open with A Minor Operation, which finds Hetty at knifepoint! -- to remove her varicose veins, that is. What should be a straightforward overnight stay in the hospital for minor surgery turns into a major case of criminality as evidence mounts that nurses are tipping off thieves to the vacant houses of patients. When D.C.I. Adams (John Graham Davies) drops by to investigate, he falls into a trap that puts his career in serious jeopardy. Meanwhile, Robert's brother Frank (Frank Mills) finds himself in deep trouble with the house thieves -- and entangled in a web spun for two by an amorous widow.

Helping Hansi starts as a simple assignment to trace lost relatives for client Hansi Bauer (Richard Basco), a retired German gardener. He last saw his sister and nephew when they fled to England during World War II, while he stayed behind in Switzerland working for the Red Cross. After the war, he worked as a gardener for a British lord, who bequeathed to him partial control over the family estate, now a retirement home. Hetty locates Hansi's nephew -- and exposes a greedy plot to rob Hansi of his stake in the property.

Case three, How Time Flies, gets under way with an urgent call about a matter "far too subtle and complex for the police." The client is clock restorer Monty Francis (Charles Kay), who is being pursued by two hoods who left their "mother's" valuable clock for repair. Monty believes it is stolen and refuses to return it. The key to the mystery turns out to be... Elementary?

Hetty and Geoffrey go undercover and underground in Something to Treasure when the detecting duo search for buried treasure, hidden by a miner who was killed while trying to retrieve it. The only clue? A cryptic verse unearthed by the miner's widow: "Happiness lies between the Hunchback and Lonely Hearts." A miner-turned-artist seems to know what it means. Does he know more?

In Family Values, Hetty breaks one of her cardinal rules by getting involved in a murder case -- except no one knows it's murder. Hetty's assignment is to learn whether a drowned man's housekeeper has been stealing from his estate. In his first undercover role, Robert poses as a wheelchair-bound relative of the deceased, arrived from South Africa to look into buying the property. Geoffrey's along for the ride as chauffeur/attendant -- while simultaneously undergoing the tortures of the damned trying to tell Janet that the roommate she's looking for should be...him!

The final case of the season, Digging for Dirt, finds Hetty puzzling over why an old woman refuses to leave her ramshackle apartment in a building slated for demolition. It turns out she wants just desserts for the corrupt contractor who put up the original structure and stands to reap hefty profits from its replacement. But proof of corruption is hard to come by -- until the blind widow of a former building inspector leads Hetty down memory lane.

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