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Story Synopsis
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A Pair of Ragged Claws
Airing Sundays, April 30 + May 7, 2006 on PBS
(Check local listings; dates and times may vary)

In Robert Lindsay's nuanced portrayal of Jericho we see a man surveying a city changing beyond recognition in front of his very eyes...
     -- Yorkshire Post

Robert Lindsay (Horatio Hornblower, Oliver Twist) stars as Chief Inspector Michael Jericho, a revered Scotland Yard detective...

London, 1958. Inspector Jericho of Scotland Yard is called to investigate a murder in Notting Hill. A young black man, Roy Marlowe, was shot on his way home from work at the local bus depot. Tension in the neighborhood between the black and white communities has been brewing for a while, and it's about to hit fever pitch.

That very same night Sir Nicholas Wellesley is kidnapped from outside his gentleman's club on Piccadilly. The ransom note arrived the following morning and his wife, Lady Clare, has expressly asked that Jericho take the case.

The murder investigation of a young Jamaican leads to accusations of police incompetence.

Story Synopsis | Cast + Credits

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Story Synopsis

Cast + Credits

Jericho Home

The Actors and Their Roles


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