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MYSTERY! Home Videos, Books and Music CD
Call 1-800-949-8670 x498 to order the following items:

For sale to individuals, educators, educational institutions and libraries in the U.S., MYSTERY! home videos can also be used by teachers if shown in face-to-face teaching situations, or by libraries for check-out use. Public performance rights are included with the purchase of these videos, except where noted. Certain titles may also be available for sale in Canada; call 1-800-949-8670 x498 for more information.

All MYSTERY! videos are closed-captioned.

Touching Evil, Series Two
Maverick Detective Inspector Dave Creegan (Robson Green, Reckless) and his partner D.I. Susan Taylor (Nicola Walker, Four Weddings and a Funeral; Moll Flanders) are on the case in three all-new, darkly tinged two-hour dramas. This time out, Creegan, Taylor, and the Organized and Serial Crime Unit track a serial kidnapper-murderer whose fatal fascination with young women leaves Creegan with a new scar to bear: A profoundly disturbed relief worker whose nightmares of atrocities committed in Bosnia impel him to erase the memories of fellow aides -- permanently; and an international ring of baby brokers.
6 hours on 3 cassettes.
    WG820 $39.95 Available Spring 2000.

Call 1-800-255-9424 x498 to order any of the following items:

book cover MYSTERY! A Celebration book
Celebrate 20 years of MYSTERY! with this beautiful companion book to the series. Investigate the actions and motivations of your favorite heroes and villains as they interact on the page and on the screen. Behind-the-scenes anecdotes, complete production credits, and 100-question quiz make this a must-have resource any MYSTERY! fan. 150 color photos, scores of color illustrations and Edward Gorey drawings.
    WG180, softcover, $24.95

Cadfael, Series Four, 3-part Set
Set in the medieval Benedictine abbey of Shrewsbury, these new mysteries are based on the best-selling novels by Ellis Petters. Demonstrating once more his unusual ability to reconcile the mysterious ways of God to the murderous ways of mortals is Cadfael, portrayed with calm elegance by Sir Derek Jacobi. 4.5 hours on 3 cassettes.
   Home video version: WG647 $49.95
   Educational video version: WG613 $49.95

Cadfael, Series Four: The Holy Thief
Who's stolen a box of precious gems and the Holy Relics of St. Winifred -- the lifeblood of Shrewsbury Abbey? Brother Cadfael (Sir Derek Jacobi) must untangle the wicked web with only a single thread of a clue and the valuable assistance of a kidnapped slave girl. 90 min.
    Home video version: WG648 $19.95
    Educational video version: WG599 $19.95

Cadfael, Series Four: The Pilgrim of Hate
Not all pilgrims are as pious as they seem. Among the throng at Shrewsbury Abbey to observe the holy day are cripples, gamblers, swindlers -- and a murderer. After discovering a corpse, Brother Cadfael (Sir Derek Jacobi) must race time to find the guilty party amid hundreds of strangers. 90 min.
    Home video version: WG649 $19.95
    Educational video version: WG600 $19.95

Cadfael, Series Four: The Potter's Field
While plowing a nearby field, the monks of Shrewsbury Abbey turn up a crude burial plot containing a woman's remains. Who is she? How did she die? Who buried her? Brother Cadfael (Sir Derek Jacobi) is compelled to clear his fellow brother's name by proving others were involved in this bizarre crime of passion. 90 min.
    Home video version: WG650 $19.95
    Educational video version: WG601 $19.95

Cadfael Cadfael, Series Three, Three-part Set
   WG451 $59.95
Cadfael, Series Three, The Raven in the Foregate
   WG491 $19.95

Cadfael, Series Three, The Rose Rent
    WG492 $19.95

Cadfael, Series Three, A Morbid Taste For Bones
    WG493 $19.95

Cadfael, Series Two, Three-part Set
    WG303 $59.95
Cadfael, Series Two, The Virgin in the Ice
   WG300 $19.95

Cadfael, Series Two, The Devil's Novice
   WG301 $19.95

Cadfael. Series Two, St. Peter's Fair
   WG302 $19.95

Cadfael, Series One, 4-part Set
   WG1517 $79.80
Cadfael, Series One, Leper of St. Giles
   WG1513 $19.95

Cadfael, Series One, Monk's Hood
   WG1514 $19.95

Cadfael, Series One, One Corpse Too Many
    WG1515 $19.95

Cadfael, Series One, Sanctuary Sparrow
   WG1516 $19.95

A Certain Justice A Certain Justice
P.D. James's sterling, sensitive Detective Inspector Adam Dalgliesh (Roy Marsden) returns to solve a murder set against the backdrop of the British legal community that explores the true meaning of justice when a brilliant, but widely unpopular, defense attorney is found stabbed to death. The bizarre and gruesome crime yields an astonishing number of suspects, but for Dalgliesh, more troubling still are the imperfections of a legal system that allow a killer to go unpunished.
3 hours on 2 cassettes
   WG642 $29.95

Heat of the Sun Heat Of The Sun
A tangled web of blackmail, murder and passion awaits former Scotland Yard detective Albert Tyburn (Trevor Eve) when he arrives in Nairobi. In three mysteries -- Private Lives, Hide in Plain Sight and The Sport of Kings -- Tyburn uses his cunning and courage to battle arson, drug-dealing, murder and more.
6 hours on 3 cassettes
   WG602 $39.95

Ice House The Ice House
Ten years ago, Phoebe Maybury's husband disappeared. When no body was found, the police were forced to abandon their inquiry into Phoebe's suspected involvement. When a mutilated corpse -- believed to be Maybury -- is found in the abandoned ice house on the grounds of their home, the murder investigation resumes. Chief Inspector George Walsh, who was assigned to the case a decade before, is convinced he's got Phoebe this time. His assistant isn't so sure.
3 hours on 2 cassettes
   WG464 $29.95

Inspector Morse: The Day of the Devil
A mental patient sets up an elaborate and deadly battle of wits with Morse. John Barrie escapes from a night security hospital and turns up in Oxford. When signs of Satanism are left behind in Barrie's abandoned hospital room and throughout Oxfordshire, Morse quickly realizes he is dealing with more than just a rapist on the run.
    WG042, 2 hours, $19.95

Inspector Morse Videos:

Inspector Morse: The Day of the Devil (part 1 of 2)
   WG042 $19.95

Inspector Morse: The Day of the Devil (part 2 of 2)
   WG043 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Twilight of the Gods
Inspector Morse finds himself investigating two crimes: the murder of a freelance journalist writing an article on a millionaire benefactor, and an opera singer performing at the opening of a building at Oxford -- a building donated by the same benefactor.
   WG044 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Promised Land
   WG049 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Fat Chance
   WG050 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Second Time Around
   WG051 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Way Through the Woods
   WG212 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Deadly Slumber
   WG213 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Dead on Time
   WG222 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Happy Families
    WG223 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Cherubim & Seraphim
    WG224 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Death is Now My Neighbor
Morse and Lewis are called in to investigate the mysterious deaths of two Oxfordshire neighbors, murdered only 24 hours apart -- and with the same gun. The investigation begins to unearth links between the two crimes, but it also leads Morse and Lewis straight into the hot-house atmosphere of the election for Master of Lonsdale College. But murder isn't the only mystery solved here, much to the relief of patient fans everywhere, Morse's first name is finally revealed.
   WG504 $19.95

Inspector Morse: Daughters of Cain
Suspects and alibis abound following the murder of retired Oxford professor Dr. Felix McClure (Bernard Brown). What starts as an apparently routine inquiry for Morse and Lewis turns out to be far more complex than either expected as they unravel a sordid story of suspicious undergraduate suicide, drugs, and the resignation of a long-time college employee.
2 hours
    WG505 $19.95

Inspector Morse: The Wench is Dead
Inspector Morse is confined to a hospital bed awaiting test results that may spell more than just the end of his career. Bedridden, he becomes engrossed in a book on a famous murder in history: The Oxford Canal murder of 1859 -- the murder of a young woman in the Oxford Canal, a crime that sent two possibly innocent men to the gallows.
2 hours
    WG646 $19.95

Inspector Morse CDs

Inspector Morse 3-CD set WG058 $39.95

Inspector Morse CD, Volume One
    WG055 $13.95

Inspector Morse CD, Volume Two
    WG056 $13.95

Inspector Morse CD, Volume Three
    WG057 $13.95

Into the BLue Into The Blue
Harry Barnett (John Thaw, Inspector Morse), a failed businessman-turned-groundskeeper living on the Greek island of Rhodes, reluctantly turns detective when Heather Mallender, a young English woman with whom he has a one-night stand, suddenly vanishes "into the blue." Tracing her to London, Harry becomes enmeshed in the high-powered world of an old friend, a multi-millionaire.
2 hours
   WG319 $19.95

A Mind To Murder
Scotland Yard Commander Adam Dalgliesh (Roy Marsden) becomes entangled in a complex web of political intrigue, blackmail and deceit as he leads an inquiry into a macabre murder at an exclusive psychiatric clinic in East Anglia. As pressure mounts to find the killer, Dalgliesh senses a cover up among his superiors who are anxious for a speedy conclusion to remove the clinic from the spotlight.
2 hours
   WG077 $29.95

Mrs. Bradley Mysteries Mrs. Bradley Mysteries
Multi-award winner Diana Rigg stars as stylish sleuth Mrs. Adela Bradley in this sophisticated 1920's whodunit filled with blackmail, a shooting and plenty of devious twists and turns. Mrs. Bradley, with her trusty chauffeur George, arrives at Chayning Court for the engagement party of her goddaughter, Eleanor Bing. Later that evening, Eleanor's fiancé is found dead in the bath. The police are called in and conclude that his death was nothing more than a tragic accident.
Mrs. Bradley is not so easily satisfied -- why was there water on both sides of the bath, why was the window open and why was the door unlocked? While the rest of the household attends the funeral, Mrs. Bradley launches her own investigation, using her prodigious charm and wit to help the local police catch a killer. No public performance rights available.
90 minutes
   WG861 $19.95

Second Sight Second Sight
This taut psychological thriller from Paula Milne (The Politician's Wife) introduces Ross Tanner (Clive Owen, Closer; Bent), a hotshot police detective who lives for the thrill of the chase -- while desperate to conceal a terrifying secret: he's losing his vision. Claire Skinner (Inspector Morse; The Wingless Bird; Sleepy Hollow) co-stars as D.I. Catherine Tully, drafted into Tanner's crime unit to aid in the investigation of the apparently motiveless, brutal murder of a nineteen-year-old college student. As Tanner's relationship with the world becomes increasingly fragile, he learns that there is more to murder than meets the eye. Insight prevails over eyesight as he discovers that success and survival both will depend on the alchemy of all his senses.
3 hours on 2 cassettes
   WG818 $29.95

The Sculptress The Sculptress
Rosalind Leigh (Caroline Goodall, Schindler's List), is persuaded by her publisher to write again...and this time her subject is murder. The facts of the case are simple: Olive Martin pleaded guilty to killing and carving up her sister and her mother, earning the chilling nickname "The Sculptress." But despite Olive's protestations of guilt, Rosalind becomes convinced that she is hiding something. No public performance rights available.
3 hours on 2 cassettes
   WG320 $29.95

Sherlock Holmes

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: Six-part set
    WG025 $119.95


Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Dying Detective
    WG019 $19.95

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Cardboard Box
   WG020 $19.95

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Three Gables
    WG021 $19.95

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Red Circle
   WG022 $19.95

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: Golden Pince Nez
    WG023 $19.95

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Mazarine Stone
    WG024 $19.95

Touching Evil Touching Evil, Series One
"Not since the first two Prime Suspects has there been so much psychotic behavior with such superb production values."
-- John Leonard, CBS Sunday Morning
"Cool, creepy stuff."
-- Entertainment Weekly
From Paul Abbott, the much-celebrated author of Reckless and Cracker comes this contemporary, darkly-edged miniseries starring Robson Green as Detective Inspector Dave Creegan. Follow the exploits of the Organized and Serial Crime Unit (OSC), an FBI-styled rapid-response elite crime squad. Co-stars Nicola Walker (Four Weddings and a Funeral) as Creegan's partner.
6 hours on 3 cassettes
   WG536 $39.95

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman An Unsuitable Job For A Woman, Series Two
"Helen Baxendale brings youth, smarts, and spunk to MYSTERY!"
-- Chicago Sun-Times
P.D. James' Cordelia Gray (Helen Baxendale, Friends) returns to MYSTERY! in two, two-part dramas, along with her trusty and tenacious office assistant, Edith Sparshott (Annette Crosbie, One Foot in the Grave), by her side. The fiercely independent -- and now very pregnant -- young detective matches wits with a pair of murderous thugs and snares an unlikely killer with a connection to Scotland Yard, proof to one and all that her profession is hardly an unsuitable job for a woman -- or a mother.
4 hours on 2 cassettes
   WG821 $29.95

An Unsuitable Job For A Woman, Series One

Cordelia Gray (Helen Baxendale) unexpectedly inherits the private detective agency she works for after her boss commits suicide. Her first solo case, a college student's suicide, appears to be uncomplicated. But it takes a dramatic turn when Gray investigates and uncovers the truth about his family -- and his death.

A Last Embrace
Cordelia Gray accepts a job from Juliet Hampson, who owns a country-house hotel with her husband. Going undercover, Cordelia sets out to investigate Mr. Hampson's alleged infidelities. But the seemingly straightforward case spirals into a web of deceit, adultery and murder. No public performance rights available.
5.5 hours on 3 cassettes
   WG494 $39.95

Call 1-800-949-8670 x498 to order any of the above items.

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