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Miss Marple, Series II
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Story Synopsis [imagemap with 9 links]

Story Synopsis

Plot Revealed Below!

As a blizzard sets in on the isolated village of Sittaford, Miss Marple is forced to stay at Sittaford House, a lonely mansion on the moors, while her nephew is delayed returning from France. At Sittaford Miss Marple meets the owner, Clive Trevelyan, an eminent politician who is tipped by Winston Churchill to be the next Prime Minister. However, his best friend Enderby is puzzled when Trevelyan insists on spending the night at the Three Crowns inn in Exhampton six miles away, especially as this involves a trek through the heavy snow.

At the Three Crowns, hotel owner Stanley Kirkwood welcomes a selection of guests, including Trevelyan's wayward adopted son James Pearson, brash American businessman Martin Zimmerman, his long-suffering assistant Ambrose Burt, sharp-tongued Evadne Willett and her nervous daughter Violet, the mysterious Donald Jones and ethereal Miss Elizabeth Percehouse. The snow storm causes the visitors to battle for rooms as all trains out of Exhampton are cancelled.

Also arriving at Sittaford House are Pearson's feisty fiancée Emily Trefusis and journalist Charles Burnaby who is hoping to get close enough to Trevelyan through Emily to win himself a career-making scoop on the country's most enigmatic politician. After tricking Emily into believing they have met before, it appears he may get closer to the Trevelyan family than he could have ever hoped for.

As the guests settle down for the long evening, events begin to take a more sinister turn when a ouija board spells out that Trevelyan will be murdered that night. Back at Sittaford House, Miss Marple discovers that a box of Turkish delight meant for Trevelyan has been poisoned. Enderby begins to worry about his friend and vows to travel to the Three Crowns in the morning to warn him.

The séance is proved right when Trevelyan is found dead in his room with a knife in his chest and a mysterious smile on his face. No official police inspectors are able to get to the hotel, so Enderby takes charge of the investigation. James Pearson, beneficiary of Trevelyan's will, has the most to gain from Trevelyan's untimely demise. He is arrested and locked in the larder. Emily is determined to prove her fiancé's innocence and begins assisting Miss Marple in her hunt for the killer. They are helped by Charles, who has taken a shine to Emily and her fierce determination. Little by little the secrets each of the hotel guests have been guarding are revealed. It seems Trevelyan truly was a dark horse...

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