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MYSTERY! in Studio A

In autumn of 2000 the MYSTERY! shoot took place in WGBH's Studio A and was directed from its state-of-the-art digital Control Room. You can tour the studio, control room, and the sets created for The Wyvern Mystery, Second Sight, and Remorseful Day in one of two ways.

Virtual Tour
Virtual Tour    This tour enables you to explore full 360° views of the sets and the control room as if you're really there! You may even encounter Dame Diana on set. You will need to have the QuickTime 4.1.1 plugin installed in your Browser to take this tour. It's free from Apple.
Having difficulty with the tour? Visit our QuickTime Help page.

Snapshot Tour
Snapshot Tour    In a photo gallery-like setting, walk through the tour at your leisure and learn about the sets, the studio and the control room.

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