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Towards Zero
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Towards Zero
Airing Sunday, July 15, 2007 on PBS
(Check local listings; dates and times may vary)

The formidable Lady Tressilian (Eileen Atkins; Bertie and Elizabeth, Gosford Park) reluctantly hosts a house party on her Devon estate, where loyal companion Mary and her eccentric old friend Treves help their wheelchair-bound hostess entertain a glittering array of guests. Miss Marple, an old school friend of Lady Tressilian, is intrigued when Treves tells a story about a child murderer who was never convicted. When Treves is found dead the next day - and another murder follows -- Miss Marple is determined to find the killer...

Towards Zero also stars Julian Sands (24, A Room with a View), Saffron Burrows (Fay Grim, Troy) and Tom Baker (Little Britain).

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