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Towards Zero

Story Synopsis

Plot Revealed Below!

The formidable Lady Tressilian reluctantly hosts a house party on her Devon estate, where loyal companion Mary and old friend Treves will help their wheelchair bound host to entertain a glittering array of guests.

Eyebrows are raised when the dashing Wimbledon tennis star Neville Strange arrives, with his attractive but high maintenance new wife Kay, even though his elegant first wife Audrey is also attending. While Kay openly flirts with her ex-lover Ted Latimer, Audrey's faithful friend Royde keeps an eye on her.

Miss Marple, an old school friend of Lady Tressilian, is intrigued when the eccentric Treves tells a story about a child murderer who was never convicted. The next day, Treves is found dead from an apparent heart attack.

Sexual tensions and marital mishaps play out; tempers flare and old grievances resurface as Miss Marple observes the guests vacationing by the sea. Tensions erupt and it's not long before another gruesome murder takes place. This time, Lady Tressilian is found dead.

Local Superintendent Mallard is brought in to investigate. He suspects Audrey is the killer, but the evidence looks far too obvious for Miss Marple, who sets about proving her own theories, and delving into the intricate workings of a pathological mind.


The original music heard in Miss Marple Series 3: Towards Zero was composed by Dominik Scherrer and Richard Hammarton. Additional music featured in this episode includes:

Green Eyes by Menendez/Rivera/Woods
Carlin Music Corp/Campbell Connelly & Co Ltd
Specially recorded

Dizzy Bird by Altman
DeWolfe Music DWJAZZ03

Puerto Bomba by Fioramanti/Herschmann
DeWolfe Music DWCD0362

Jivin' Me Crazy by Andy Quin
DeWolfe Music DWMIL013

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