Executive in Charge: Denise DiIanni
Senior Program Producer: Anne Adams
Coordinating Producer: Salme M. López Sabina
Digital Producer: Anna Fort
Digital Executive Producer: Meredith Nierman
Business Manager: Tara Mahoozi
Senior Director, National Audience Development & Station Marketing: Bara Levin
Director of Social Media, National Programming: Tory Starr
Finance: Amy Green - Saleha Ashfaq
Legal: Jay Fialkov - Jessica Fjeld

Special Thanks To: Ayelet Ronen 

National Gallery has been supported by:


just-films-ford-130-X-50.jpg    Canal+


sundance-100-X-64-1.jpg   CNC (centre national du cinema et de l’image animée)


itvs_sm.jpg   ITVS



pershing_sm.jpg   Pershing Square Foundaation




planete_sm.jpg   Planete+:  Olivier Stroh, Delia Baldeschi, Sandrine Delegiewicz



lef_sm.jpg    LEF Moving Image Fund




WGBH_logo_color_1.jpg   WGBH Educational Foundation


And by contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you. Thank you.

NATIONAL GALLERY Production Credits

Director – Editor – SoundFrederick Wiseman
Photography by: John Davey
Assistant Editor: Nathalie Vignères
Camera Assistants: James Bishop - Mark Puffet
Assistant Editors Sound: Christina Hunt - Nathalie Vignères
D.I.T: Ashley Cutmore
Sound Mixer: Emmanuel Croset
Digital Color Timer: Gilles Granier
Produced by: Frederick Wiseman and Pierre-Olivier Bardet

Special thanks to:
Nicholas Penny, Director of the National Gallery
and to the departments of - Curatorial, Art Handling, Conservation, Framing, Scientific, Education, Communications, Audio Visual
as well as all the other departments and all the staff of the National Gallery
And to: Hélène Sicard - Mahalia Frizon - National Museums Liverpool for the wings of the Master of Aachen Altarpiece
Fiscal Sponsor: Utah Film Center
Equipment – TSF: Insurance Circles Group
technicolor Post-production Coordinator: Anai Cabanes
Operation Managers: Arnaud Caréo - Julien Ferrer - Nicolas Chalon
Post-production Supervisor: Eric Martin
Technical Supervisor: Grégory Gosse
Operation Supervisors: Coralie Boulay - Olivier Gravenhorst
Scheduling: Anne-Laure Muller Bouteiller
I/O: Karime Berkane - David Vertucux
DCI: Marie Eline Hubert - Vianney Koscher - Igor Males - Anthony Trocket - Elodie Schmidt - Marc Theme
Digital Services: Mathieu Montheux - Xavier Boutin
Production Manager: Varujan Gumusel
Sales: Olivier Chiavassa
Gallery Film LLC
Production Coordinator: Karen Konicek
idéale audience
Myriam Amroum
Nelly Besse-Gougay
Davina Breillet
Juliette Douchet
Claire Lion
with the assistance of:  Le Fresnoy (Studio national des arts contemporains)
Mixing Studio: Le Fresnoy
Fresnoy Sound Department Supervisor: Blandine Tourneux
Recorder: Geoffrey Durcak
TV Mixer: Thomas Rouvillain
And in order of appearance:
Ludwig von Beethoven
sonata for piano Op 31 no. 3
interpreted by Kausikan Rajeshkumar, RCM
within Belle Shenkman Music Programme
Callisto’s Song
Written and read by Jo Shapcott
Machina for Metamorphosis
Wayne McGregor
Costumes: Conrad Shawcross
Meserere Mei, Deus
composed by William Byrd
arranged by Nico Muhly
interpreted by Aurora Orchestra
conducted by Nicholas Collon
Leanne Benjamin and Edward Watson

Executive Producer for ITVS: Sally Jo Fifer
Senior Producer, National Productions for ITVS: Richard O'Connell

National Gallery is a co-production of Gallery Film LLC and Idéale Audience and WGBH and in association with Independent Television Service (ITVS), with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)
© 2014 – Gallery Film LLC – Idéale Audience. All rights reserved

A Zipporah Films, Inc. Release
in memory of Gloria Messinger Mandelstam, Beloved Friend



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