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About NOVA

Program credits

TV Program Credits

Paula S. Apsell, Senior Executive Producer
Michael H. Amundson, Post Production Online Editor
Kate Becker, Senior Researcher
Laurie Cahalane, Coordinating Producer
Linda Callahan, Production Coordinator
Eileen Campion, Publicity
Patrick Carey, Associate Producer, Post Production
Linzy Emery, Compliance Manager
Sarah Erlandson, Paralegal
Janice Flood, Talent Relations
Spencer Gentry, Post Production Online Editor
Nathan Gunner, Post Production Manager
Evan Hadingham, Senior Science Editor
Scott Kardel, Esq., Talent Relations
Alex Kreuter, Post Production Editor
Karen Laverty, Account Manager
Ray Loring, Additional NOVA Theme Music
Victoria Louie, Publicity
John Luker, NOVA Theme Music
Rob Morsberger, Additional NOVA Theme Music
Rebecca Nieto, Post Production Editor
Alan Ritsko, Managing Director
Susan Rosen, Legal Counsel
Pamela Rosenstein, Development Producer
David Condon, Development Producer
The Caption Center, Closed Captioning
Melanie Wallace, Senior Series Producer
Walter Werzowa, NOVA Theme Music
Musikvergnuegen, Inc., NOVA Theme Music
yU + co., NOVA Series Graphics

Web site credits

Website Credits

Lauren Aguirre, Director of Digital Media
Kristine Allington, Managing Producer
Tim De Chant, Senior Digital Editor
Allison Eck, Production Assistant
Daniel Hart, Senior Developer
Tyler Howe, Senior Designer
Anna Rothschild, Digital Associate Producer

Topic Title Image Credits

(Ancient Worlds) © Ancient Egypt Research Associates ("AERA"), Photograph by Mark Lehner
(Body & Brain) © Vasiliy Yakobchuk/iStockphoto
(Evolution) © Eric Hood/iStockphoto
(Military & Espionage) © Andrey Prokhorov/iStockphoto
(Nature) © Yvette Sandham/iStockphoto
(Physics & Math) © Andrey Prokhorov/iStockphoto
(Planet Earth) Courtesy NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Reto Stöckli (land surface, shallow water, clouds) and Robert Simmon (ocean color, compositing)
(Space & Flight) © Brasil2/iStockphoto
(Tech & Engineering) © Ivan Dinev/iStockphoto

NOVA Education Credits

Ralph Bouquet, NOVA Labs Outreach Coordinator
Cora Goldston, Production Assistant
Brooke Havlik, Education Manager


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