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AAAS - Westinghouse Science Journalism Award
(2008) "Judgment Day"
(2007) "Forgotten Genius"
(2006) "NOVA scienceNOW"
(2005) "Wave That Shook the World"
(2004) "MARS Dead or Alive"
(2002) "18 Ways to Make a Baby"
(2001) "Cracking the Code of Life"
(1999) "Surviving AIDS"
(1999) "Warnings from the Ice"
(1992) "Eclipse of the Century"
(1990) "Hurricane!"
(1982) "Anatomy of a Volcano"

AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award
(2009) NOVA scienceNOW "Diamond Factory"
(2009) "Last Extinction"

ABA Silver Gavel Award
(2008) "Judgment Day"

AIP Science Communication Awards
(2009) "Absolute Zero"

AIP Science Writing Award
(2008) NOVA scienceNOW "Asteroid"

American Film Festival
(1988) "A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama" (Blue Ribbon)
(1984) "The Miracle of Life" (Emily Award)
(1984) "Fat Chance in a Thin World" (Red Ribbon)
(1984) "Asbestos: A Lethal Legacy" (Red Ribbon)
(1984) "The Miracle of Life" (Red Ribbon)
(1984) "The Miracle of Life" (Blue Ribbon)
(1983) "Tracking the Supertrains" (Blue Ribbon)
(1983) "Life: Patent Pending" (Blue Ribbon)
(1982) "Cancer Detectives of Lin Xian" (Blue Ribbon)
(1982) "Anatomy of a Volcano" (Blue Ribbon)
(1982) "Salmon on the Run" (Blue Ribbon)
(1982) "Moving Still" (Red Ribbon)
(1982) "Notes of a Biology Watcher" (Red Ribbon)
(1981) "The Sea Behind the Dunes" (Red Ribbon)
(1978) "The Gene Engineers" (Red Ribbon)
(1978) "Across the Silence Barrier" (Red Ribbon)
(1978) "Dawn of the Solar Age" (Red Ribbon)
(1978) "The Sunspot Mystery" (Red Ribbon)
(1977) "A Desert Place" (Red Ribbon)
(1977) "Why Do Birds Sing?" (Red Ribbon)
(1977) "Strange Sleep" (Red Ribbon)
(1977) "Where Did the Colorado Go?" (Red Ribbon)

American Heart Association Blakeslee Award
(1992) "Avoiding the Surgeon's Knife"

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Media Award
(1986) "The Plane that Changed the World"

American Psychology Association National Media Award
(1986) "Life's First Feelings"

American Psychological Foundation
(1981) "The Pinks and the Blues"
(1974) "The First Signs of Washoe"

American Water Resources Foundation
(1981) "The Water Crisis"

AMWA Award
(1994) "What's New about Menopause?"

The Archeology Channel Festival
(2008) "The Mummy Who Would Be King" (Best Script)

Audubon International Film Festival Award
(1983) "A Field Guide to Roger Tory Peterson"
(1983) "Animal Imposters"
(1983) "Salmon on the Run"
(1983) "Goodbye Louisiana"
(1983) "Fragile Mountain"
(1982) "The Sea Behind the Dunes"

Aviation and Space Writers Association Award
(1994) "Can Bombing Win a War?"
(1986) "The Planet that Got Knocked on its Side"

Banff Television Festival
(1996) "B-29 Frozen in Time"
(1996) "Plague Fighters - Ebola, Inside an Outbreak"

Beijing Film Festival
(2006) "The Mummy That Would Be King"
(2003) "The Elegant Universe" (Silver Dragon)

BBC Award for the Best Science Film
(1989) "Death of a Star"

British Gas Award
(1989) NOVA Series

Carl Sagan Award
(1995) NOVA Series

Chicago International Film Festival
(1991) "The Russian Right Stuff"
(1986) NOVA Series
(1981) NOVA Series
(1981) "The Great Violin Mystery"

CINE Award
(2009) "Ocean Animal Emergency" (Golden Eagle)
(2009) "Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives" (Golden Eagle)
(2009) "Doctors' Diaries" (Golden Eagle)
(2009) "Space Shuttle Disaster" (Golden Eagle)
(2009) NOVA scienceNOW: "Saving Hubble" (Special Jury)
(2008) "Secrets of the Parthenon" (Special Jury)
(2008) "Absolute Zero: The Race for Absolute Zero" (Golden Eagle)
(2008) "Judgment Day" (Golden Eagle)
(2008) "Ghost in Your Genes" (Golden Eagle)
(2008) "A Walk to Beautiful" (Golden Eagle)
(2007) "Great Inca Rebellion" (Special Jury)
(2007) "Wings of Madness" (Golden Eagle)
(2007) "NOVA scienceNOW" (Golden Eagle)
(2007) "Monster of the Milky Way" (Golden Eagle)
(2007) "First Flower" (Golden Eagle)
(2007) "Pocahontas Revealed" (Golden Eagle)
(2007) "Forgotten Genius" (Golden Eagle)
(2007) "Building on Ground Zero" (Golden Eagle)
(2007) "Saved by the Sun" (Golden Eagle)
(2007) "Great Inca Rebellion" (Golden Eagle)
(2006) "Einstein's Big Idea" (Golden Eagle)
(2006) "Dimming the Sun" (Golden Eagle)
(2006) "The Great Robot Race" (Golden Eagle)
(2005) "NOVA scienceNOW" (Golden Eagle)
(2005) "Welcome to Mars" (Golden Eagle)
(2005) "The Wave That Shook the World" (Golden Eagle)
(2005) "NOVA scienceNOW" (Special Jury)
(2004) "MARS Dead or Alive" (Golden Eagle)
(2004) "The Most Dangerous Woman in America" (Golden Eagle)
(2004) "World in the Balance" (Golden Eagle)
(2004) "World in the Balance" (Special Jury Award)
(2004) "World in the Balance" (Masters Series Award)
(2001) "Dying to Be Thin"
(2001) "Nazi Prison Escape"
(2001) "Lincoln's Secret Weapon"
(2001) "Cancer Warrior"
(1982) "Palace of Delights"
(1982) "The Television Explosion"

Columbus International Film and Video Festival
(1991) "Bomb's Lethal Legacy"

DuPont - Columbia Award
(2002) NOVA/FRONTLINE "Harvest of Fear"
(1999) NOVA Series
(1999) "Everest: The Death Zone"
(1999) "The Brain Eater"
(1999) "Supersonic Spies"
(1999) "China's Mysterious Mummies"
(1997) "Plague Fighters"
(1997) "Einstein Revealed"
(1980) "A Plague on Our Children"
(1978) NOVA Series
(1977) "Incident at Brown's Ferry"

Earthwatch Film Award
(2006) "Dimming the Sun"
(1986) "Return of the Osprey"
(1986) "Stephen Jay Gould: This View of Life"

Emmy Award
(2009) "A Walk to Beautiful" (Outstanding Informational)
(2008) "Forgotten Genius" (Lighting Direction and Scenic Design)
(2007) "The Mummy Who Would Be King" (Outstanding Writing)
(2005) "Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge"
(2003) "Battle of the X-Planes" (Outstanding Coverage of a Current News Story, Long Form)
(2003) "The Elegant Universe" (Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft, Editing)
(2002) "Galileo's Battle for the Heavens" (Outstanding Historical Programming, Long form)
(2002) "Mountain of Ice" (Outstanding Cinematography For Nonfiction Programming, Single Or Multi-Camera)
(2002) "Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance" (Outstanding Historical Programming, Long form)
(2002) "Why the Towers Fell" (Best Documentary)
(2001) "Bioterror"
(2001) "Life's Greatest Miracle" (Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft, Writing)
(1999) "Decoding Nazi Secrets"
(1995) "Siamese Twins"
(1994) "Secret of the Wild Child"
(1992) "Suicide Mission to Chernobyl"
(1992)" The Russian Right Stuff"
(1989) Outstanding Informational Series
(1989) "Race for the Superconductor"
(1989) "Can the Vatican Save the Sistine Chapel?"
(1985) "Acid Rain: New Bad News"
(1985) "AIDS: Chapter One"
(1985) Outstanding Informational Series
(1983) Outstanding Informational Series
(1983) "The Miracle of Life"
(1982) Outstanding Informational Series
(1982) "Here's Looking at You, Kid"
(1981) Outstanding Informational Series
(1978) Outstanding Informational Series

Festival International des Images du Ciel
(1992) "The Russian Right Stuff" (Prix du Reportage)

Festival International du Film Scientifique du Quebec
(1996) "Lightning!"

Freddie Award for Communications
(2009) "Doctors' Diaries"

French Ministries of Technology and Communication
(1990) NOVA Series (Prix Jules Verne)

Genesis Award
(1995) "The Great Wildlife Heist"
(1993) NOVA Series
(1992) "Saddam's War on Wildlife"

Grantham Prize
(2007) "Dimming the Sun" (Award of Special Merit)

Hugo Award
(2005) "Hitler's Sunken Secret"

IDA Distinguished Achievement Award
(2001) "Hitler's Lost Sub"

Image et Science International Film Festival
(2003) "The Elegant Universe"
(2000) "Runaway Universe"

International Agricultural Film and Television Competition Award
(1986) "Farmers of the Sea"

International Festival of Archaeological Films Prix special du jury
(2007) "The Mummy Who Would Be King"

International Film and Television Festival of New York
(1984) NOVA Series
(1983) NOVA Series
(1982) "Palace of Delights"

International Rehabilitation Film Festival Award
(1982) "Finding a Voice"

International International Science Film Festival
(2005) "Einstein's Big Idea"

International Television Science Programming Festival
(1996) "Einstein Revealed"

International Wildlife Film Festival
(2000) "Japan's Secret Garden"
(1983) "Salmon on the Run"
(1983) "Animal Imposters"
(1982) "Notes of a Biology Watcher"

Massachusetts Medical Association Award
(1983) "Aging: The Methuselah Syndrome"

NAS Communication Award
(2008) "Judgment Day" (finalist)

National Academies Communication Award
(2004) "Origins: Back to the Beginning"

National Association to Aid Fat Americans
(1983) "Fat Chance in a Thin World"

National Association of Black Journalists
(1993) "Deadly Deception"

National Association of Science Writers Science-in-Society Journalism Award
(2008) "Forgotten Genius"
(2007) "Dimming the Sun"
(2001) "Cracking the Code of Life"

National Audubon Society Award
(1981) "Black Tide"

National Education Association Award
(1996) NOVA Series

National Educational Film and Video Festival Award
(1986) "Tornado!"
(1986) "What Einstein Never Knew"

National Headliner Award
(1998) "Coma" (First Place)
(1993) "Iceman"

National Science Board
(1998) NOVA Series

National Wildlife Federation Award
(1980) NOVA Series

The New York Film Festival
(2004) "The Most Dangerous Woman in America" (Silver Medal)
(2003) "The Elegant Universe" (Gold Medal)
(2000) "Lost on Everest" (Silver Medal)
(1998) "Titanic's Lost Sister" (Silver Medal)
(1998) "Secrets of Lost Empires" (Bronze Medal)

Ohio State Award
(1994) "Wanted: Butch and Sundance"
(1989) "Buried in Ice"
(1989) "Can the Vatican Save the Sistine Chapel?"
(1988) "Why Planes Crash"
(1988) "Can AIDS Be Stopped?"
(1986) "Acid Rain: New Bad News"
(1984) "The Miracle of Life"
(1983) NOVA Series
(1982) NOVA Series
(1981) "Life on a Silken Thread"
(1977) NOVA Series
(1977) "The Business of Extinction"

Parent's Choice Award
(1984) NOVA Series

Pariscience International Science Film Festival, Prix Des Lyceens
(2007) "Welcome to Mars"

George Foster Peabody Award
(2009) "Ape Genius"
(2008) "Judgment Day"
(2003) "The Elegant Universe"
(2000) "Building Big"
(1996) "Odyssey of Life"
(1992) "The Machine that Changed the World"
(1988) "Spy Machines"
(1983) "The Miracle of Life"
(1975) NOVA Series

Population Institute
(2006) "Rx for Survival" (Global Media Award for Best Documentary 2006)

Prism Award
(2009) "Musical Minds" (commendation)
(2001) "Search for a Safe Cigarette"

Prix Futura
(1981) "The Doctors of Nigeria"

Prix Italia
(1975) "Plutonium Connection"

Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award
(1983) "Finding a Voice"

San Francisco International Film Festival
(1986) "Seeds of Tomorrow" (Golden Gate Award)
(1986) "What Einstein Never Knew" (Award of Distinction)
(1985) "Acid Rain: New Bad News" (Golden Gate Award)
(1984) "The Miracle of Life" (Special Jury Award)

The Scinema Science Film Festival
(2000) "Building Big"

Society for Technical Communication President's Award
(1997) NOVA Series

Southern California Motion Picture Council for Outstanding Family Entertainment
(1983) NOVA Series (Golden Halo Award)

US International Film and Video Festival
(2001) "Cancer Warrior" (Silver Screen Award)
(2000) "Runaway Universe" (Gold Camera Award)
(2000) "Hitler's Lost Sub" (Silver Screen Award)

Vedere la Scienza Festival
(2006) "The Mummy That Would Be King"
(2005) "Einstein's Big Idea"

Ver Ciencia Special Tribute
(2008) WGBH Science Unit and NOVA Series

Verticale Festival Grand Prix
(2004) "Descent into the Ice"

Wildscreen Film Festival
(1982) "The Sea Behind the Dunes "

Writers Guild of America Award
(2009) "Secrets of the Parthenon"


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