Searching for a Skull

  • By Arlo Perez
  • Posted 02.14.18
  • NOVA

Watch as a team of divers attempts to retrieve an ancient skull.


Running Time: 03:30


Searching for a Skull

Published February 14, 2018

Onscreen: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. A team of divers is trying to retrieve an ancient skull from a dangerous underwater cave.

Narrator: As the divers set off carrying the box for Naia's skull, Jim is left to anxiously wait.

He feels a heavy burden of responsibility. Naia has lain for 13,000 years at the bottom of Hoyo Negro. In a few hours, he'll know if she makes it back out safely.

Deep in the cenote system, the divers are moving through a world they have only dimly seen before. The huge underwater lights reveal the fun dimensions of the Hoyo.

As Susan approaches Naia's skull with Beto and Alex behind her, she too is nervous. After 13,000 years in the water, the bone is brittle.

It would be so easy to let Naia's skull slip.

Finally, she has the skull safely in her hands.

Naia is ready for her return to the surface.

It will take time; the divers must make at least three decompression stops to avoid the beds.

Finally, for the first time in 13,000 years, Naia emerges from the water and into the light of day.



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Arlo Perez
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Julia Cort, Ari Daniel
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