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Arctic Dinosaurs homepage
Image composite: (dinosaurs crossing snow) © Bevan Lynch Equinox Design and Visual Effects; (scientists draping plaster) Courtesy Anthony Fiorillo

The Producer's Story
Images: (Kikak-Tegoseak site, crew aboard zodiac, team draping plaster, Colville River) Courtesy Anthony Fiorillo; (map) © WGBH Educational Foundation; (Gorgosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Troodon, Pachycephalosaurus) © Sputnik Animation; (Chris Schmidt) © Chris Schmidt

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Image: (dinosaur eye) © Sputnik Animation

TV Program Description
Image: (Alaskan dinosaurs) © Sputnik Animation

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TV Program Credits

Produced and Directed for NOVA by
Jackie Mow
Chris Schmidt

Narration Written by
Chris Schmidt

Produced and Directed for Big Island Pictures by
Ruth Berry

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Cherry Enoki

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Sonia Weinhaus

Jay O. Sanders

Paul J. Warren

Additional Camera
Steven Gray
Jason Longo
Ian Miller
Kevin May

Sound Recordists
Jonathan Packer
Kathy Turco
Timothy Watts
Blake Windham

Production Assistant
Sameer Sharma

Ray Loring

TPD Media
Sputnik Animation

VFX Supervisor
Pete Mullins - TPD Media

CGI Dinosaurs Created by
Bevan Lynch
Equinox Design and Visual Effects

Additional Dinosaurs Animation by
Sputnik Animation
Chris Harris

Motion Graphics
Anna Saraceno

Assistant Editor
Lee Pacheco

Online Editor and Colorist
Michael H. Amundson

Audio Mix
John Jenkins


Mark Chapman

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Erin McBean

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Katch Bachellor

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Judy Rymer
Bevan Childs

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National Geographic Digital Motion
British Broadcasting Corporation
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Peter Menzel
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YNR Marketing
Hugh F. Clifford
Sinclair Stammers
Mauricio Anton


Special Thanks
Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas
University of Alaska Museum of the North
Museum Victoria
Bureau of Land Management, Arctic Field Office
National Park Service, Alaska Region
National Science Foundation, Office of Polar Programs
Smithsonian Institution
Monash University
University of Capetown
Open University, UK
University of Kansas
Australian Research Council
Conoco Phillips - Alaska
Pat Vickers-Rich
Amanda Hanson
Anne Pasch
Cindy Adkins
Aldona Jonaitis
Dennis 'Moose' Cunningham
Chris Scotese
Ron Blakey
John Searcy
Sharma Family
Umiat Social Club
ASV inc
Wrights Air Service

In loving memory of Ray Loring, 1943 - 2008

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yU + co.

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