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The Bible's Buried Secrets

Religious Perspectives

Father Marcel Bouchard

Father Marcel Bouchard
Corpus Christi Parish
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

"The whole program shows how both archeology and history contribute to the meaning and message of the Bible."

The key importance of NOVA's presentation is that it accurately teaches the viewer a great deal about archeology and how archeology enables us to study the biblical texts. The more we know about them, the better off we are in trying to understand the message they contain.

The work of archeology is clearly explained with real pictures and video footage that show how painstaking and specialized it is. The experts interviewed help establish the connection between archeology and the message of the scriptures, while unpacking what we learn about actual history from the archeological work. The whole program shows how both archeology and history contribute to the meaning and message of the Bible.

As a biblical theologian who has done some archeology, I wish there had been a bit more emphasis on the part faith in the one God plays in understanding the message of the Bible and played in its composition. As a Christian, I wish there had been something about the relationship between the Hebrew (or Old) Testament and the New Testament. But I acknowledge that the goal of the filmmakers was not the same as mine. I do think they reached their goal of illustrating how important archeology is to understanding the development of belief in the one God of the Hebrew Testament.

All of this is important to all members of the three main religions of the one God: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. NOVA is to be congratulated on preparing and presenting such a fine piece of work.

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