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VIDEO: How to Unbox & Build The Universe

So, the universe just arrived at your doorstep…in a box. Now what? The two videos below show you what comes in the box and how to put it together.

Video 1 – In “Unboxing the Universe” the following cosmic components are revealed:

  • black holes
  • dark energy
  • dark matter
  • stars
  • dust, gas, and more!



Video 2 – In “How to Build the Universe” the cosmic components are pieced together into the universe as we know it:

  • Building a Galaxy: Start with a supermassive black hole at the center, populate the surrounding region with appropriate proportions of blue, red, yellow, and white stars, then spray in the dark matter.
  • Building the Universe: After building galaxies, arrange them into a cosmic web, then spray in dark energy and watch it grow!


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Greg Kestin

    Greg Kestin holds a faculty position at Harvard University, where he conducts theoretical physics research, teaches, and produces educational online content. He earned his physics Ph.D. from Harvard, as a member of The Center for the Fundamental Laws of Nature, focusing on theoretical particle physics and quantum field theory. Over his career, he has also conducted research in nuclear physics, fusion energy, and gravitational wave physics. For over a decade he has been involved with innovative educational outreach endeavors, bringing science to both students and members of the public through his writings, videos, lectures, and multimedia.