Time Dilation and Intergalactic Travel

Time dilation is possibly the weirdest part of Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. According to time dilation, the faster you travel, the slower your time moves. But why does this happen? It’s actually a result of the fact that light always travels at the same speed, regardless of one’s frame of reference.

The first of these two videos describes how the constancy of the speed of light implies the existence of time dilation. The second video explains how time dilation allows for intergalactic travel, and in this case to the Andromeda Galaxy.

Time Dilation Explained:

Intergalactic Travel & Time Dilation:

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Greg Kestin

    Greg Kestin holds a faculty position at Harvard University, where he conducts theoretical physics research, teaches, and produces educational online content. He earned his physics Ph.D. from Harvard, as a member of The Center for the Fundamental Laws of Nature, focusing on theoretical particle physics and quantum field theory. Over his career, he has also conducted research in nuclear physics, fusion energy, and gravitational wave physics. For over a decade he has been involved with innovative educational outreach endeavors, bringing science to both students and members of the public through his writings, videos, lectures, and multimedia.