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Kathy Reichs

“I’m not a violent person.”


Kathy is one of only about 100 certified Forensic Anthropologists in the U.S. and Canada. She uses science to solve real-life crime mysteries and to identify remains. But she doesn’t carry a gun.


How can you be involved in solving serial murders and not share that kind of magic with the world? You can’t! Kathy is the author of the best-selling Temperance Brennan mystery novels and is a producer/writer for the series, “Bones,” which is based on her novels.

Digging Up ‘Bones’

Kathy Reichs goes from solving mysteries as a forensic anthropologist to creating mysteries in her Temperance Brennan novels and the TV series "Bones".

She Couldn’t Even Dissect a Frog

Kathy Reichs couldn't dissect a frog in high school, but her favorite "Bones" episode is "gross and disgusting".

Only for David Duchovny

Kathy Reichs gets bamboozled into appearing on an episode of "Bones"... because David Duchovny.

About Kathy Reichs

Kathy Reichs is a Professor of Forensic Anthropology and a practicing Forensic Anthropologist who helps to solve crimes and to identify remains after mass killings and disasters. She is also the author of the wildly popular Temperance Brennan novels, which are based on her own work. Kathy also produces and writes for the series “Bones,” based on her novels. No one’s ever actually called her “Bones,” but it seems to have worked out for the show which has run for 12 seasons.