Lee Kolbert

    Lee Kolbert has been an educator in Palm Beach County, Florida for 26 years. Also a blogger and a hockey mom, Lee loves everything about bringing the benefits of technology and social media to her classroom. She also co-hosts a cable TV show, PalmBreeze CAFÉ about online tools for educators; conducts numerous professional development workshops; and according to her husband, spends way too much time on her computer. Lee’s “secret life” is that she collects unusual bobble heads. Her favorite is one of ex-NHL player, Billy Lindsay, because he coached her son’s jr. hockey team. Her son made Lee promise not to mention the bobble head to Coach Billy for fear it would creep him out. While Lee knows that Coach Billy would almost certainly enjoy “Secret Life,” she very much hopes he isn’t reading this right now. Lee is extremely excited about being a part of “Secret Life” and is eager to share her ideas, thoughts, and students’ work.