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You may have science. And you may have faith. But do you have string… theory?

Q: Jacob

Hi Jim, do you still read Fantastic Four comics? Do you have any classic collectible issues?

A: Jim Gates

As I went away to college, my step-mom made me get rid of all my Marvel comic collection. Drat, I often think, `I could be rich today.’ But there are these collector edition reprints out now.

Recently, I read some to see if my memories of Stan Lee’s work was a good as I had re-membered. I found his best is still as great as I recalled. Who else would have put the Hate Monger, Prester John or the Black Panther in- to a comic book in the sixties? Jack Kirby is still my favorite comic book artist. Some of his portrayal of `cosmic energy’ and the Silver Surface are still (shall we say) `fantastic!’

Unfortunately, the last time I read comic books was about the time that I left Jones High, the historical black high school in Orlando, FL, and went away to MIT. But reading comics definitely gave me a boost
toward becoming a scientist.

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Tom Miller

    Tom Miller is the producer of “Secret Life” and co-editor of the site’s blog. His job involves interviewing scientists and engineers, getting them to tell their amazing stories and occasionally trying to get them to sing. It’s a fantastic gig and Tom is extremely grateful for it.

    • Hi Jim, I´ve allready send you a private email. Just to congratulate you and let you know, you have a humble fan in Mexico. I´m looking forward to know more about your work, even I have no physics degree, I use on pratice a lot of what you explain and want to have a better understanding of your correct approach to our Universe behaviour. Best Regards. Rich Alvarez

    • mar

      After watching a crop circle video in which you said the circles represented binary code of computer, I have to say it also looks like dna in action. You are in the last third of this video. The half circles look like moving parts of dna.

    • Joseph

      What was your inspiration for your career.

    • Brenda Rona

      Have you had the opportunity to discuss information theory with Dr John Searl?

    • Gary

      Prof. I was very interested in your comment about computer code, during this discussion panel, and I wonder if you have written any articles or books on this.

    • Barbara Hopper

      Hi James, What was before the Big Bang, how did all that energy come from nothing, can God be energy, I don’t think science and religion need to be separate but I wonder a lot.

    • Allen Gliniewicz

      I enjoyed your statement on the recent NOVA documentary, the Big Bang Machine. that the complete set of subatomic particles is a set of pairs where each particle without mass has a companion with mass. I’m currently writing a book which after a new description of the energy particle duality comes to the same conclusion. I’m referencing, ontological approach of David Bohm and Basil Hiley in The Undivided Universe. Are the details of any interest to you?