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Attention Educators: We Want to Hear from You!

Attention educators! Do you utilize Secret Life videos in your classroom? We want to hear all about it! Send an e-mail to explaining how Secret Life helps you to communicate science to your students and to grow as an educator.

Please consider the following questions (answer as many or as few as you please).

Teachers - help us to help you!

– Do you incorporate Secret Life videos into your science curriculum? If so, how?

– Which videos have proven to be the most useful in a classroom context?

– What makes Secret Life different than other educational content?

– Is the Secret Life blog useful as a supplement to the videos?

– As an educator, how do you engage with Secret Life videos outside of the classroom?


Thanks for the feedback!

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Seandor Szeles

    Seandor Szeles is the co-editor of the Secret Life Blog. He is most interested in the human side of science and providing take-away for educators.