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We won a Streamy!

So guess what? We just won an award… the Streamy, which celebrates the best in web television programming. “Secret Life” won in the category of Best Reality or Documentary Web Series.

SLoS is Streamy-licious!

We were up against some pretty stiff competition too, including a web series by David Lynch (whom you may better know as the creator of “Twin Peaks” and “Blue Velvet”). And now after the Streamys, the SLoS team is better known as the creators of “Secret Life”!

And to think, at this point last year, we were just a few crazy kids with a dream… a sick, twisted dream that we put aside so we could make “Secret Life.”

Many thanks for being a part of our community and we hope you’ll keep coming back. PLEASE!

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Tom Miller

    Tom Miller is the producer of “Secret Life” and co-editor of the site’s blog. His job involves interviewing scientists and engineers, getting them to tell their amazing stories and occasionally trying to get them to sing. It’s a fantastic gig and Tom is extremely grateful for it.