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Caryn’s Fashion Role Model

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In spite of her passion for art, her great knowledge of biology, and her devotion to all living things, Caryn Babaian wasn’t quite sure how to dress when she first started teaching at Bucks County Community College. She mentions her ultimate fashion role model in her “10 Questions” video, but here she goes into a little more detail:

Have you ever seen them together? We thought not.

“’I was looking at ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ and I saw the Professor, and I thought, ‘He has a lot of authority.’ He seemed to know everything about everything—he was a doctor, he was a chemist, he was a plant-person, he knew about ethnobotany and different cultures. But he was always wearing this shirt and khaki pants and the sneakers. So I thought, ‘That’s authoritative. That’s scientific.’ And that image has stuck in a lot of people’s minds—a lot of students all relate that to scientists. And it works out well. I thought, ‘Yeah, I can do that. A white shirt, khaki pants, glasses.’ And so that works great. And the only problem is, I did it so much over the years I’m starting to evolve into it, which is not good. You know, I have to remember, I don’t want to dress like the Professor all the time.”

I know what you mean, Caryn, because a similar thing happened to me. For special occasions it’s nice. But I don’t want to dress like Ginger all the time.

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