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WATCH: “Desktop Diaries” with Temple Grandin

Last September, I ate a burrito with Temple Grandin. It was after a day of shooting for the video below. SciFri senior producer Annette Heist and I interviewed Dr. Grandin in her office at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. We got to see some of Dr. Grandin’s sketches of livestock handling facilities, one of her first scientific papers, and many miniature animals that live in and around Dr. Grandin’s desk. We also visited Dr. Grandin’s animal welfare class—Grandin was lecturing, vividly and with visuals, on humane slaughter practices. It was enough to make me go with the veggie burrito. But by that logic, points out Grandin, who has worked for decades to make slaughter plants more humane, one might want to abstain from many other things as well: “I read an awful thing about child abuse in a factory where soccer balls were sewn…I can’t look at a soccer ball the same way again.”

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Flora Lichtman

    Flora Lichtman is Science Friday’s correspondent and managing editor of video, where she makes videos for the web and chats about them on the radio. She’s the co-author of “Annoying: The Science Of What Bugs Us” (Wiley, 2011) and writes regularly for Popular Science magazine. Before coming to Science Friday, Flora worked at a NATO oceanographic lab in Italy. She graduated from Yale University with a degree in Environmental Studies.