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Jumping on the Baby Babbling Bandwagon

The lovely Jean Berko Gleason has made it into the headlines as of late, addressing the talking twins video that recently went viral on YouTube. Gleason said that although the twins were communicating through gestures, they weren’t actually talking, but “jargon babbling,” a kind of very expressive babbling. Whatever it was, it captured the rapt attention of nearly four million viewers, including me.

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    As a co-producer on “Secret Life,” Tobey is able to combine two of her favorite things—film and science! She is delighted to finally redeem herself in the eyes of her high-school science teachers, all of whom thought she was destined for a career in science until she shocked and alienated them all and chose….film. After receiving a degree in Journalism and French from UNC—Chapel Hill, Tobey worked for several years at PBS, where she gained a love for documentary. She then threw all logic to the wind and returned to school, earning her MFA in Film from Columbia University. During her studies, she produced numerous award-winning short films and associate-produced the feature documentary “No Impact Man.” Tobey is a writer and producer for both documentary and narrative film.