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Meditating with Andre

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The human mind is a constantly firing, immensely complex maze of neural networks and systems. It’s so complex, our meager human brains have yet to fully figure out and comprehend the amazing human brain.

It’s incredibly difficult to tune out all the many thoughts we are capable of having at one time and practice the art of mindfulness, to be as present in the moment as humanly possible. Luckily, Andre has been doing this for years so he was able to share some tips with us. So pull out your yoga mat, put on some soothing whale sounds, and enjoy the video below.

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Laura Willcox

    When Laura is not learning how to play the shofar, wrestle, cheer, skate, and be a synesthete, she is also a producer, writer, and performer in NYC. Laura has associate-produced several segments for NOVA ScienceNOW and “Secret Life”; writes, produces, and appears in comedic web shorts for LandlineTV; and also performs long-form improv comedy at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre. Laura came very close to being a Biology major at Tufts University, but opted to be a Psychology major instead so that she could learn to read people’s minds.