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Origin of the Scientist

When Colin Angle was 3, he fixed his family’s toilet after consulting a picture book. When I was 3, I put a banana in the VCR because I thought I could watch it on TV….

Colin has made some pretty incredible achievements since his preschool plumbing days. The New York Times has profiled his amazing life in science, from his inspired youthful inventions to founding iRobot.

Inventor, Archer, Handyman

Reading it made me think that my banana incident foreshadowed my life in film, just like Colin’s early interest in machines link to his adult life as an inventor…at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself from now on. (Still sorry about that, mom.)

Check out more on Colin, his inventions and his hobbies at his Secret Life page.

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Maggie Anderson

    Maggie balances the monastic life of a “Secret Life” archival researcher with the thrilling terror of biking from Brooklyn to Manhattan each morning. She has started to dream in lightning-fast slide shows of giant monkey feet, nineteenth-century medical illustrations, and bongo jams with Dick Feynman. Prior to working on “Secret Life,” she worked as a coordinating producer on the 13-episode Annenberg series “An Invitation to World Literature.” Maggie fell in love with research while getting a degree in History and Art History from Clark University, and was genuinely surprised to learn that she enjoyed researching science and nature just as much as Bauhaus furniture. More recently, she has practiced converting light into matter, answering Jeopardy questions before anyone else, and playing piano with two hands. She swears she’s almost got the hang of it. Her current personal research is on what to have for dinner tonight.