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Science Fiction?

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If you’ve watched Michio Kaku’s videos, you know that he’s a huge science fiction fan. When he was a boy, Michio, as most kids would, loved Flash Gordon just as much as he loved Albert Einstein. And his excitement about Flash Gordon triggered Michio’s curiosity, his sense of wonder, and his never-ending questions about what was possible. In short, Flash Gordon, helped Michio to become a scientist.

I also love science fiction. And it seems to me that most science fiction represents either our yearnings (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Star Wars”) or our fears (“Brave New World,” “1984”). And of course, one of the great themes of much science fiction is the idea of the alien. Will creatures from other worlds be loving and peaceful? Or will they be MONSTERS?! Or are there other possibilities that we haven’t even considered?

Always adept at separating science fiction from science facts (at least, as we know them now), here’s Michio’s take on the idea of other life forms in our universe:

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Tom Miller

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