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Secret Life Snap Shot #17

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Behind this family photo are Secret Lifer Judy Lee’s memories of playful battles with her brother Jerome. That’s Judy in the yellow dress. Here’s Judy’s story:

“This is a family photo from when I was in preschool. Those are my parents, Paul and May, and my older brother, Jerome.

“I spent a lot of time with my older brother. He was the coolest person in the world. I remember during the summers when my parents weren’t home, we would turn our living room into a battlefield. The sofa and coffee table would get flipped over, and cushions would become our shields as we launched tightly folded paper darts from rubber bands (like a homemade slingshot). We would battle for hours until we ran out of ammunition. You always hoped that the other person would be out as well, ‘cause the only way to get more was to go into no man’s land to pick up the paper darts. That meant you were completely exposed to taking more hits! I remember once where he popped out wearing a snorkel mask and had two sofa cushions tied around him. I laughed so hard I wasn’t able to shoot him.”

Do we sense a bit of sibling rivalry?

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