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Secret Life Snap Shot #23

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When Secret Lifer Andre Fenton moved from Guyana to Toronto, he did what all good Canadian boys do. He played hockey. Says Andre:

“This is the first hockey team I played on. It is probably 1978, and I am 11. I was not the best skater, but I was also not bad. I remember being so nervous before the games that I’d get dressed and then have diarrhea, so I’d have to undress and was always last out of the dressing room. I recall being a pretty good goalie, but I also know better than to trust a person’s memory, so who knows. In any case, I recall feeling pretty integrated into Toronto society at this time since I was waking up to play little hockey at 6am on Saturday mornings.”

Check out Andre in the lower right corner – your uniform is bigger than you, Andre!

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Joshua Seftel

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