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Secret Life Snapshot #24

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Oh, snap. Secret Life Snapshot is back with more of the best photos from our Secret Lifers’ personal archives.

Call her what you want: a neurobiologist, an author, a master trampolinist. Just don’t call Sue Barry a one trick pony. I knew that Sue could do some serious work on a trampoline, but I have now come across photographic evidence that she runs road races as well. Here she is just before a seven mile race with her kids, Andy and Jenny. I’ll let Sue spill the details in her own words:

Baby, They Were Born To Run

“This photo shows me on the right with my two kids right before running the seven mile Falmouth Road Race in Massachusetts.  The photo was taken a number of summers ago since my son Andy is now taller than his sister Jenny.  We ran this road race many times, and my kids always crossed the finish line (way ahead of me) holding hands.  The road race started in Woods Hole where we ran past Nobska Lighthouse and along the seashore into Falmouth Heights.  I love this photo because it reminds me of the many happy summers we spent in Woods Hole where the kids attended the Children’s School of Science and learned to sail with my husband while I worked at the Marine Biological Laboratory, a truly wonderful place to do science.”

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Seandor Szeles

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