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Secret Lifer Revisited: Neil deGrasse Tyson Saves Superman

“Secret Lifers Revisited” keeps track of those Secret Lifers who are back in the news for their exciting and innovative science work.

We all know Secret Lifer Neil deGrasse Tyson as an astrophysicist and a cosmic tie collector, but lately, he’s taken on yet another secret life: moonlighting as an animated comic book character. The newest installment of Superman, “Star Light, Star Bright,” features our hero’s search for his home planet, Krypton. When the folks at DC Comics went about creating this super-tale, they needed some guidance in pinpointing where Krypton might be located. Naturally, they turned to Neil (learn more about Neil’s science on his homepage).

Two heroes join forces: Superman in collaboration with Neil deGrasse Tyson

“As a native of Metropolis, I was delighted to help Superman, who has done so much for my city over all these years,” said Tyson in a statement. “And it’s clear that if he weren’t a superhero he would have made quite an astrophysicist.”

Check out this article from HuffPost Science to find out just where in the universe Superman was born.

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Caitlin Shure

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